Premature ejaculation. Why does it happen?

premature ejaculation programAccording to certain theories, premature ejaculation is more common amongst men who masturbated from an early age, doing it fast from fear of being discovered. According to this theory, these men get used to climaxing quickly, later copying the habit to intercourse with a partner.

According to another theory, premature ejaculation is connected to the levels of physical arousal experienced during intercourse. There are actually different kinds of physical arousal, besides sexual arousal. Think about yourself as a child on a rollercoaster: It’s logical to assume that you experienced excitement and arousal in your whole body, even though it wasn’t sexual arousal. Similarly when you drive fast or run fast or when you’re anxious. According to this theory, the body isn’t able to distinguish between the different kinds of arousal: The body doesn’t have a mechanism that knows how to distinguish between sexual arousal and arousal due to anxiety, for both have similar syndromes: accelerated pulse, sweating, rapid breathing etc. Therefore, when you’re in the middle of sex and you start worrying that you’re going to climax, your anxiety level rises and your body interprets the physical signs of anxiety as sexual arousal, thinking you’ve been having wild sex for 20 minutes, which is why ejaculation comes almost immediately.

Premature ejaculation is also influenced by continuous stress—when you’re under work pressures or have other daily problems you’re likely to discover that your sexual functioning has changed. The length of time prior ejaculation is also dependant on the frequency of the sex. Most men report that the more sex they have, thus the length of time prior ejaculating rises from one sexual encounter to another. If you haven’t had sex for a while, it’s logical to assume that the first time you have it after this dry period, will be particularly short. There are men who are so frustrated by the problem of premature ejaculation that they avoid sex. Of course avoiding sex actually makes it worse (that is—when the frequency of sex drops the quickness of ejaculation rises) and besides it’s likely to cause problems with your partner.

Actually, men who suffer from premature ejaculation, move almost instantly from no arousal whatsoever, to very high levels of arousal (to the point where they can’t delay ejaculation), with no middle way. They aren’t aware of the immense range of sensations existing between these two points. The second part of the problem comes from what you learned: If you learned to climax quickly (or didn’t learn to climax slowly) you don’t actually how to correct your unawareness to that range of sensations and the problem intensifies.

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